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Female Bust


The Why?

There is a huge percentage of the population in the UK who are single and looking for love. Almost everywhere you go it seems that unmarried single woman outnumber unmarried single men. We have heard from Single men, they feel overwhelmed with choice but end meeting women who are not quite right for them. Due to the ever-increasing demands of work, family and social schedules: single adults are finding it hard to meet potentials. 

The What?

The Singlehood Oasis Academy (formally known as Adam Meet Eve) is a coaching agency founded by Dr Sara Jayne Ofori in 2019. What began as a matching making agency has since evolved into a life coaching service specialising in empowering singles looking for love. The Singlehood Oasis Academy Coaching Program equips clients with the skills to transform their own dating lives. It offers practical self-development sessions to grow into their dating best. The content covers: recovering from heartbreak, regaining your dating confidence, knowing what you want and how to attract high calibre potential. The program changes the way clients see themselves and how the world views them. Previous clients report going from zero dates to multiple options for love in a matter of months.  Dr Sara The Singlehood Consultant provides support and objective advice to help clients navigate through the complex world of love. For every step of the journey, the Singlehood Oasis Academy is here to help. 

If you are ready to fall in love with your life, enroll today.

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