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Datewise Advice 

BE DATEWISE (men/women)


At Adam Meet Eve Agency, we take the personal safety of our clients very seriously. We advise people to take responsibility for their own personal safety when using our dating and relationship services. We ask all of our clients to report any signs of strange /inappropriate behaviour encountered with other clients when using our services. With this in mind, we have a precautionary dating guide known as ‘Be Datewise’.


  • At the Singlehood Oasis Academy we require all of our clients to contact us directly if they are interested in arranging or planning personal dates with other potential dates when using any of our dating / relationship services.


  • We always advise our clients to go on a date in public places (where it starts and ends there) public places such as restaurants, theatres, cinemas and sports events etc. as opposed to in the home.


  • Never agree to meet somewhere where you can’t be reached by a third party.


  • If you do not feel comfortable enough meeting a potential date on your own, we recommend that you take a friend and inform your date beforehand. If they are a genuine, good person then they should not have a problem with this.


  • Always tell a friend, a family member of your coaching consultants. Keep in regular contact, and try to have somebody nearby you trust.


  • Do report abuse


  • 2 drinks maximum


NB// It is important to understand that the Singlehood Oasis Academy is not responsible or liable for your conduct, or the conduct of prospects. We can only advise on the suggested protocol and etiquette guidelines, and not enforce them.

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