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How we work

* The Singlehood Oasis Academy (formally known as Adam Meet Eve) is a Coaching Agency that offers mentorship and matchmaking services for singles.

* Coaching sessions are offered online can be booked as a single session or as apart of a program (a group of sessions.)

* Only Blue Diamond Coaching Program Clients and Alumni are eligible for matchmaking opportunities. 

* Blue Diamond Coaching Program Clients receive invitations to exclusive events, a dedicated singlehood consultation for support throughout the program and inspirational resources. 

* To join the Blue Diamond Coaching Program please fill in an online profile form and book a consultation. Click here


* After your profile has been submitted, book in for a Blue Diamond Coaching program taster consultation. Click here

* Matches are made based on the availability of eligible singles. Clients will be contacted personally by their Singlehood consultant.

NB: By registering your interest, you agree to our Terms and condition, to receive AME Agency emails and updates and acknowledge that AME uses cookies to give the best user experience.

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