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Singlehood Oasis Coaching Academy

is a privilege to be your life coach, we are starting a beautiful journey together. This program will show you how to live with purpose and power as a Single. You can enjoy yourself whilst actively increasing your opportunities for marriage.


Our Objectives


To be satisfied and fulfilled as a single

To navigate the challenges of dating whilst enjoying the experience

To have the confidence to pursue marriage


This is the workbook that accompanies the online course. Each chapter focuses on a different topic essential to Singlehood. There are videos, activities, reflection moments to journal to complete before you move on. I advise that you complete a chapter each week or even two weeks. Take your time to act on the advice and counsel you receive. You will see the life transforming results of investing in your personal development.


My prayer is that you understand Gods' desire for you to enjoy your 'now' season. It is time to fall in love with your life all over again or for the first time. Your love story begins with you.

If you would like to enroll please register your interest here. 

Thanks for subscribing!

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